About Me

Discover who's "Sushil", the person, aside from being a tech professional.
Few fun facts about me.
  • Favourite Number47
  • Not a big fan ofviral contents & whatsapp
  • Pet I loveMoti (My Dog)
  • Favourite CuisineAll North Indian Cuisines'
  • I play on groundCricket & Vollyball
  • I play off groundHitman (PC Game)
  • Fan ofNetflix
  • Alternate InterestsCosmology, Sketches & Film making
  • I'm a guy ofstern decisive ground
  • Favourite PersonalityMy Dad
  • I loveSolo Trips
  • Never broke any parts but hadTwo road accidents

Ittook many hours to be where I am today. The thing that made me this resonant towards my goals and deadline is my will to take on to risks and difficult codes. Programming and full stack development with ofcorse designing are the things that helped me and will help me forever to encourage the career peak I’m seeking for. Currently I’ve a thought of making the goals a little easier to achieve by thinking that my goals are having a deadline.

Throughout the year you’ll find me being creative behind the computer screen with either Linux or Visual studio code. Though there are more things that helped me to work with these two and one of those is “Enter” button. There are many key roles who encourage me to know what are behind those time taking efforts and yes people learn from mistakes.

... and once the storm is over, you won't remember how you made it through ...
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