Amazing world of words

Hello guys,

Still it is crazy being here with no time and in time too! I was busy doing other things – mainly busy in finding new words of being amazing. And you know what unknowingly I’ve learned many things from this world. Day before yesterday was my brother’s birthday ! that was a great day though for both of us.

I’m not having any kind of new settings for my mind or heart, but when I see myself behind my words for others I feel shy from myself. Just read the following phrases and applause for your understanding.

“To be a nice person – It costs nothing, but to be a bad person – it costs everything.”

“Life is – not following crowd!”

“Never say ‘bye’, ‘see you’ can make it more adorable.”

One day I saw a guy waving his hand towards my cab, he was hodling a board with some information of real estate offers. His eyes were saying that he was in a bad condition but yes he doesn’t deserves his work. I was in traffic – side window was open, he asked me to have a look on that offer print. I said no – go ahead.

He, then said “Can you please look on this I’m just asking you to look on to this – what made you so busy in this traffic!”. I said – “Look brother, I’m not interested in any of these prints, so please look ahead.”

“Let’s skip, everyone is having there own 24 Hour”  – He murmured in a sacrcastic manner, and then he said  – “We can’t have things what we deserve, because If we do, we can’t be able to success in the road of competitions, but yes what we’ve got is the require for us that we should desire.

I was like speechless – without any words, and without any thinkings of what I was going through. I said – “All the best | You are your destiny.”

I Don’t know but yet I have many things to do and think .. so be there I’ll be here soon.

See you guys.


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