The rookie in love! -2

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(… after having bathroom refreshments, Hitman came out and text-ed her continuously with many ‘Hi’s and ‘Hello’s  …)

Hitman (Murmured): Where is she, great magician – just faded away. Huh.

Landlady: Aye Mr. Here’s your dinner, get it now .. (Shouted – that’s her normal range to talk with him)

Hitman: Lady, Some girl texted me and she wants  to stay with me here, your hell – Ha ha.

Landlady: Aargh … Are you serious? that’s your plan .. you want me to go out – I knew it. Isn’t it?

Hitman: Lol! She was leaning on me and that was her hint – for me, Hitman! (Sarcastically said with his tilted eyebrows)

Landlady: You are …..

(Hitman’s phone started ringing)

Hitman: Hello! Who’s this.

Emily: It’s me man – don’t to you see my number? ..

Hitman: Yup, It’s showing ‘Puke’.

Emily: So, What’s your decision for me? I mean the room??

Hitman: Oh! I thought you’re hinting me only.

Emily: May be, but I need to stay somewhere, my landlady made her home at downtown’s auction.

Hitman: Aww, so sad. I hope my lady could allow you in this hard situation of yours… (Said with a sarcastic joke tone)

Emily: Hmmm, I’ll come tomorrow – to talk her. You just be there.

Hitman: Sure Lily, I’ll be there.

Emily: What? I’m Emily! Whom you think you’re talking with!?? Am I talking with Mr. Peter !??

Hitman: Emily, yes it’s Mr. Peter Ryne aka Hitman.

Emily: You shit. .. 

(and she hanged up the call)



(to be continued)






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