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We often write/read quotes that makes us too busy knowing ourselves as the quotes want us to be. In other line – quotes can be a diplomatic way to express ourselves in an uncertain way.

Sometimes people need their own strategies to live, for being happy on their own – by escaping things that they never want to solve.

I think people like quotes to say others what they want to be inside and say about it to others (I know most of people do this).  If you think with other mirror, these are only a group of words that can change someone’s life in a way they feel good.

What are lyrics? What are writings, blogs (including this), stories – all are just quotes written in different forms in different ways. If you will summaries these all – It will be as a sentence only with effective powers.

Have you listened the song ‘Love Me Like You Do‘ a bollywood song ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho‘? I bet you had.

So why these songs were written?

Keep your mind free for some minutes and listen first song, feeling every word in it and after some time listen to second with all of feelings for each words in it. You’ll feel two most opposite feelings in the world – In meanwhile you’ve also felt a dreamy/fantasy of your heart with each words present in the song.

But the thing is that if you’re already feeling hot/romantic in a way that your partner likes to do it with you without any talks – First  song will be more helpful than second at this time – because this will be your mind’s state. If you’re feeling broken inside that you love your partner very much, but you don’t want to be with too – Second song will help you more than first.

That’s what I want to explain that for every situation in our lives – something is always there that can make you feel that you’re not alone in this world. We call it Quotes (Your own thoughts written in a way that others can understand in no time).

I do quote too … because this makes me feel like I can be inspiring for others … that’s what I want to be. A inspiration.

Quotes makes a mind inspired by itself –  and mind lives the life with full of joys.

I don’t know – but may be you should know,

You can be the only person that can be with you by having some beautiful inspiring quotes.

Replace ‘inspiring quotes‘ with ‘inspiring people‘ – and you’ll be most happiest person ever.





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