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Hello there,

It’s good to be here again, with a great collection of sentences. These are from an unexpected friend, that I’ve got at the end of my previous year of past smiles, I’ve asked her if she is ready to give me a ‘ok’ to attach her para (from her diary I think) in my blog-list – It was ok :D.

The world doesn’t owe you a thing, but you owe yourself everything.

Sometimes It doesn’t matters what they say, because no one knows you better than yourself.

The minute, you let someone else pick your happiness for you, you’re lost. Because people can give you only broken smiles.

You need to know the greatness in you, that will help you to reach the colors when you’re absorbed by darkness.

Remember, when you look up in the sky, your eye are drawn to the stars not the darkness, because they are different in a way that no blackness can surrounds them.

I know sometimes it’s hard to say what’s going on within us, what are you feeling inside even if you’re wrong or sad you’ve to tell the people that you’re strong and you can do better than others that’s what today’s world is.

No real things are liked by anyone now-a-days, max no of people will say you you ‘re wrong or be strong – you’ll never be motivated until you see yourself within (this is far from selfishness so never confuse with selfishness and finding happiness within yourself).

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