The rookie in love! – 3

(Emily left her old place and moved in with Hitman’s house.)

Hitman: Hey Emily, Letter for you.

Emily: Coming, just don’t open it.

(She ran downstairs and extorted the letter.)

Hitman: Who’s this “Nick”? Your lover?

Emily: Nah! (She tried to escape the topic of letter & looked at her wrist band)

Hitman: Okay! Your call.  Don’t say. It’s good for you.

Emily:  Hmm. So? What’s for lunch ?

Landlady: Your favorite Emily. Just come over here, help me take this out.

(Landlady came up with her hand full of crunchy lamb pieces of chicken.)

(Emily was looking little low after getting that later – it seemed like she went away in her past. Hitman already knew something is arcane and very hidden inside this girl)

Emily: Hey Peter! Won’t you help us roasting these!? You’re always suc***g up things.

Hitman: Watch it. (Hitman crossed his finger over his mouth)

Emily: Knew that, you won’t.

Hitman: I’m going out, will come later tonight.

Landlady: Come Soon.

Emily: Yeah and don’t forget to close the door.

(Hitman walked out)

Landlady: Who’s this “Nick”, by the way, Emily?

Emily: Oh, Nick? He was … He is my friend only. Letter was all about his relocation. He’s here in this city & want’s to meet me.

Landlady: So why don’t you take him here today, Peter will come late and no serious talks will be there.

Emily: Next time I’ll take him for sure. I promise!

(Emily hesitated with landlady’s request.)

Emily: Okay! Done. Let’s have some TV Shows and I’ll make you laugh, you’ll love to see how humor works out for these girls in this episode.

(She talked about her favorite TV Show ‘New Girls’)


(to be continued)

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