Could AI hurt women’s career?

Developments in artificial intelligence and automation have been heralded as a major leap forward in human advancement. But they could also adversely affect another important measure of societal progress: The gender pay gap.

The new developments have thrown away all the aspects for other seized networks, where women are the only requirement.

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Firstly, many of the roles typically filled by women, such as administrative and customer service roles, are being “automated away” by new technologies. And, secondly, the types of roles that are growing , like machine learning and big data roles in the IT sector, happen to be ones where “the talent base of women is very small as compared to men.”

The shortage of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professions is well chronicled. But the report notes how that gender disparity — often the result of historic gender biases — has visibly impacted the gender pay gap.

Most notable is its mark on the highly technical AI industry. There, the gender gap is three times larger than in other sectors, with women making up just 22 percent of the workforce.

Not only is that harmful for advancing pay parity and gender equality more generally, but it also creates issues for the technology itself. After all, the ultimate goal of AI is to think like a human and mimic the way humans behave. If that intelligence is programmed almost exclusively by men, there’s a risk that gender biases will slip into the machines , too.

Yes this is the big revealing question of now a days corporate and all other new and emerging worlds. Machines, AI and all other tech automated software and codes are the big changes that may lead our world to an unknown fear or anything else like else world!

Source: CNBC

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