Strangers at 3

He was just trying to sleep, but something was not right. His mind and heart were not in sync, heart was saying why are you sleeping and mind was saying you have to sleep. In middle of this argument he decided to see what’s going on Instagram, he saw a post with beautiful eyes – and messaged the person who posted that.


Generally he doesn’t starts a chat with “Hello”, it his own perspective of knowing people.


It was 3 AM, and after this beautiful “Hi”, the argument between his heart and mind suddenly went behind the scene. He started with general talks and she, a stranger to him, started talking. It was like first rain after a hot and red summer, and their texts were looking like petrichor (a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm).

Everything was so sudden, and it was like a spark of light that lightened up one dark forest with so many beauties in it. They came to know that they both likes to travel solo. Everything she likes is same what he likes. Everything her talks was same as he wanted to say.

And after some hours – they were like something out of this solitude world, and this became so cheerful surprise as they know each other from years. They smiled at each other’s thought and they slept with heart full of true and soft expectations.

They didn’t knew what will happen, but for sure, all things with their hearts will be good.

They are not strangers anymore ….

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